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Furry Friends of Mosman Toyota

Posted: 27/02/2019

Call them Doggos, Puppers, Floofers or Woofers, from their toe beans to their snoot, we love your dogs almost as much as we love our cars. 

Today, we introduce you to Duke, Gary, Lily, Max and Sir Luis the Third. Just a few of our four-legged friends! 

If you're looking to visit us, please always remember we are a pet-friendly business and your furry friend will receive as warm a welcome as you will. 


  • Dog - Doggos, Puppers, Floofers, Woofers  
  • Paws - Toe Beans
  • Nose - Snoot

Just some of Mosman Toyota's advantages:

  • Toyota Access
  • Toyota Genuine Parts
  • Toyota Certified Advantage
  • Toyota Used Cars
  • Toyota Insurance Advantage
  • 5 Year Warranty