Mosman Toyota | Sydney | Canberra and Questacon in 24 hours!

Canberra and Questacon in 24 hours!

Posted: 8/08/2018

After announcing the winners of our PRIDE Values program in late June, our lucky team of 10 travelled to Canberra on the 27th and 28th of July to participate in team bonding activities and visit Questacon ‘The National Science and Technology Centre’ where they experienced over 200 educational and interactive exhibits.

Arriving in Canberra early Friday evening our innovative individuals shared an interactive dinner at Shogun Teppanyaki Restaurant, and many laughs were had as the team attempted to catch their dinner as it flew at them from the chef's table; resulting in sauce smeared faces for everyone.

The team was also delighted to find that directly next to their accommodation was a local business called ‘Innovation’ and agreed wholeheartedly that it was more than a shop front, it was a sign they are “destined for innovative greatness”.

The uncanny coincidences continued on Saturday as our arrival to Questacon was perfectly timed to view the arrival of a totally solar powered vehicle. Our mechanically minded team members had a chat with the developers to learn more about the functionality of the vehicle, while the rest of the group attempted to climb in and out of the incredibly compact driver’s seat.

Every exhibition opened up discussion on new ways to approach the way we carry out our daily tasks and more than one brainstorming session was carried out through the day. There are certainly some great and innovative changes to come to the daily activity at Mosman Toyota.

All in all, it was a truly inspiring trip for everyone who attended and when asked about the experience there was a united feeling of camaraderie that developed through supporting each other at the 6 meters free fall, a better understanding of the diverse personalities we work with and an enthusiasm to continue building upon the foundations of our already great team. 

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