It’s a Hot Didely Dog day

January 16, 2020

Posted: 6/03/2019

Thursday, February 21st. Following an announcement over the PA system, the sound of cheering and clapping can be heard throughout the dealership. This can only mean one thing… The staff lunch is on, and the team at Hot Didely Dogs are coming back!

The staff lunch has become quite a valued tradition. It is an opportunity for mingling amongst departments, sometimes there are games and challenges, and there is always delicious food.

For this month’s lunch (held Friday, March 1st), we welcomed back Hot Didely Dogs. Who over the past three years, has become an extension of our Toyota family. With freshly baked buns, unique menu style and wood smoked Frankfurts, it is a real treat for the taste buds and no wonder they are such a hit with the whole team!

We are proud of the diversity within our team, and we love seeing everyone getting together to talk, share experiences and a laugh or two. It is for this reason our regular get-togethers are sure to continue for a long time to come.